Re-named column names in export defintion are not consistent in exported CSV file

Re-named column names in export defintion are not consistent in exported CSV file. When exporting letters from an acknowledgement process, some columns will have only the user defined column name that was changed in the export definition and some will have database column name_user defined name even though they have re-named every column in the export definition.

On page 79 of the Query and Export guide, it states that when the check box for Use Field Names for one to one column headers setting is selected, that only the user-defined column names will be exported but instead the downloaded CSV file contains a mix of only user-defined column names as they were renamed in the export definition and other columns contain the long name with the database column name in addition to the renamed user defined name.



Additional functionality would need to be developed to make this consistent across all export nodes.  You can vote for this here:

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create an export definition using the Revenue Record Letters source view
2.  Select the following fields and then rename every column:

Acknowledged Revenue\Constituent\Lookup ID
Acknowledgeee\Relationships\Employment Information\Job Title
Acknowledged Revenue\Given Anonymously
Acknowledged Revenue\Date
Acknowledged Revenue\Check date
Application Details\Type
Designation\Public Name
Revenue Tributes\Tribute\Tribute Type
Revenue Tributes\Tributee\Nickname
Pledge Payments\Pledge Details\Amount
Pledge Payments\Pledge Details\Installment Frequency
Pledge Payments\Pledge Details\Installments start date
Pledge Payments\Pledge Details\Number of installments
Constituent\Last\Organization\Group\Household name
Constituent\First Name
Constituent\Recognition Credits\Constituent\Name
Recognition Credits\Amount
Application Details\Revenue Recognition Credits\Constituent\Last/Organization/Group/Household name
Application Details\Application
Acknowledgee\Recognition Credits\Constituent\Address (Primary)
Acknowledgee\Recognition Credits\Constituent\Address (Primary)\Address line 1
Acknowledgee\Recognition Credits\Constituent\Address (Primary)\Address line 2
Acknowledgee\Recognition Credits\Constituent\Address (Primary)\Address line 3
Acknowledgee\Recognition Credits\Constituent\Address (Primary)City
Acknowledgee\Recognition Credits\Constituent\Address (Primary)\State abbreviation
Acknowledgee\Recognition Credits\Constituent\Address (Primary)\ZIP

3. Go to Marketing and Communication\Acknowledgements\Letters, Add a letter using export definition, revenue selection, and add an acknowledgement letter.
4.  In the letters area, create an Assign letters process using the letter above that was created
5. Go to the Acknowledgements tab, create an acknowledgement process using the letter that was created.
6. After the process completes, download the output into CSV format.
7. Note in the csv that some column names are user defined while others






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