Re-named/User-modified export definition field names are incorrect in an export file if the fields are under two or more query node levels

Re-named/User-modified column names in an export definition are incorrect in the header file created from a Revenue Letter Export Definition if they are nested under multiple node levels. To clarify, fields that are under just one node have a column header of only the field name, which is expected and desired when using the Use Field Names for one to one column headers setting. However, if a field is “two levels” down, like the Acknowledged Revenue\Application Details\fields in the example below, the column header name is built using the formula: Export Definition Type name, the first level node name, the second level node, and then the actual field name. 

Revenue Record Letters is renamed "0"
Acknowledged Revenue  is renamed "1"
Application Details is renamed "2". 
The Application Details field 'Type' is renamed "AppType".
The header file column then becomes 012_AppType

For Comparison, the Acknowledged Revenue fields display correctly, with just the re-named field name. The
Revenue Record Letters is renamed "0"
Acknowledged Revenue  is renamed "1"
The Acknowledged Revenue field 'Amount' is renamed "Amt"
The header file column is correctly "Amt".

Screenshot of the example mentioned in the description

Screenshot of header file

On page 93 of the Query and Export guide, it states that when the check box for Use field names for one to one column headers setting is selected, that only the user-defined column names will be exported, but instead the downloaded CSV file contains a mix of only user-defined column names as they were renamed in the export definition and other columns contain a long column name, based on the field's nested node structure, in addition to the renamed user defined name. 


Additional functionality would need to be developed to make this consistent across all export nodes.  You can vote for this here:

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create an export definition using the Revenue Record Letters source view
2. Select the following fields and then rename every column:
Acknowledged Revenue\Amount
Acknowledged Revenue\Date
Acknowledged Revenue\Transaction Type
Acknowledged Revenue\Revenue ID
Acknowledged Revenue\Application Details\Amount
Acknowledged Revenue\Application Details\Application
Acknowledged Revenue\Application Details\Designation name
Acknowledged Revenue\Application Details\Type
Acknowledgee\Lookup ID
Acknowledged Revenue (1)\Constituent\Recognition Credits\Amount
Acknowledged Revenue (1)\Constituent\Recognition Credits\Transaction Type
Acknowledged Revenue (1)\Constituent\Recognition Credits\Type

3. Rename every field and node section, using unique names (don't use the same name twice)
4.  Go to set save options and mark the checkboxes, below then save and close.
Allow definition to be used by other areas of the application
Use field names for one to one column headers
Use short column headers

5. Go to Marketing and Communications > Acknowledgements > Generate revenue header file > Select the options below, then click OK
Output type: Export Definition
Export definition: Select the export definition you just created

6. Download the csv file and notice the column headers are wrong for the fields appearing under two or more query node levels






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