How to set up an audit trail or change log in The Raiser's Edge

Raiser's Edge security can be configured to control access to various areas of the database. However, some users would also like an audit trail feature to track actual data changes in The Raiser's Edge.

I want to create a report or log of changes to The Raiser's Edge that users make. How can I create a change log for a user?
The Raiser's Edge does not have a specific report that logs each change. However, query can be used to find records that were added or last changed by a particular user or on a specific date.


If your Raiser's Edge is locally installed on your own infrastructure, you may contact Zeidman Group at to inquire about the features of their plugin regarding this service. Please Note: Zeidman Audit Trail cannot be installed at this time in Blackbaud Hosting Services

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