Error: Not returned by OLE control in log file when running Update Linked Media plugin

When using the Update Linked Media plugin to update media links, the log file recorded a lot of error: Not returned by OLE control, and the media link was not updated.
The message " Not returned by OLE control' is logged when the plugin finds a embedded object rather than a linked object. Since an embedded object isn't going to have a link to be updated the plugin does not save the location of where the object was saved in the file structure.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Install Update Linked Media plugin
2. Login as Supervisor
3. Go to Plugins > Update Linked Media
4. Type in previous media file network server
5. Mark to Create csv file for broken media links and Include All Records
6. Click Update
6. Check the "UpdateMediaLinks.log" file and “BrokenMediaLinks.csv” file.


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