1. Use Query Entry to write a query identifying the accounts you want to submit for analytics processing.
  2. Use Output Entry to create an output with Output Format of Fixed width and these exact output fields and lengths in order.
  3. Click the Schedule button from Output Entry to bring you to Query and Output Schedule, where you can schedule and run the query and output to create the output file.
Field NameLengthStartEndData TypeCommentsInclude
Account ID818CHARAccounts.Account_IDOnly Active Accounts (STS = A)
First Name20928CHARNames.First_namePreferred active name 
Last Name402968CHARNames.Last_namePreferred active name
Name ID26970CHARNames.Name_IDPreferred active name
Address Line5071120CHARAddresses.Address_LinePreferred active address 
Extra Line 150121170CHARAddresses.Extra_Line_1Preferred active address
Extra Line 250171220CHARAddresses.Extra_Line_2Preferred active address
City30221250CHARAddresses.CityPreferred active address
State2251252CHARAddresses.StatePreferred active address
Zip8253260CHARAddresses.Zip_CodePreferred active address 
Plus 48261268CHARAddresses.Zip_ExtensionPreferred active address 
Address ID2269270CHARAddresses.Address_IDPreferred active address 
Address Type2271272CHARAddresses.Address_TypePreferred active address
Preferred Address1273273CHARAddresses.Preferred_AddressPreferred active address
Date Updated9274282DateAddresses.Date_UpdatedPreferred active address
Name Line50283332CHARNames.Name_LinePreferred active name 

It is important to adhere to this layout strictly since the data that comes back will be appended onto this same data layout.  The appended returned data will start at the first character location at the end of each row in the output file - space 333

**Please note, do not include a header record in the file.