Keep in mind this does not make a copy of the information rather its a thread that carries the information to the other course. So if a Download is Shared from one course to another BOTH users that it is shared to and from will be able to make edits to it. If a User clicks to delete a shared content item from their Bulletin Board, it will prompt them with this option:

:User-added image

In order for Teachers to share class page information here are the steps you need to follow, 

First, the Teachers need to be added to a Course Content Editor Access Group

Navigate to:

  1. Go to Core > Security > Content Editor Access > Classes
  2. Click Add Content Access Group
  3. Search for the Teachers in the Find Users box and click Find
  4. Click Add to Group >>
  5. Select Year in the dropdown, if its not the year that is pre populated in the dropdown click Change Year
  6. Select the Category and Groups that should be able to share (you may want to create different groups for example a Math group with all the Math Teachers, a English group with English Teachers etc)
  7. Click Save & Exit

Then navigate to:

  1. Go to Core > Security > Group Page Access
  2. Select the Classes tab
  3. Select the same year as selected in above step 7
  4. Click +Add Access
  5. Select Group Content Editor

Now the Teachers can go to their course and topics and share to the other sections via the Add More to publish to options in the Content Type.

Note: The topics tab only displays at all times for the owner and Group Managers. Anyone else (ie Content Editors) won't see that tab until there is content in that section because they can't edit the topics to add one. Just like on the bulletin board, if there is no content in News, you don't see the News header/content tile display.