PST Distribution not included on an Invoice when created from Purchase Order

When creating Invoice records in Accounts Payable Canadian Database, using HST tax, both GST and PST Rebate distribution show correctly.  When generating them from a Purchase Order Receipt, though, the PST Rebate distribution is missing.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternative Solution:  Create the invoice manually and when saving, select Yes to assign the open Purchase Order to the Invoice.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  In Accounts Payable>> Records>> Purchase Orders>> open the PO record**
**Note: On the Line Item, it is marked as taxable, using HST
2.  Select the Purchase Order menu>> Create Invoice for all Receipts**
**Note: HST tax is listed on Invoice tab.  On the GL Distribution tab, for the GST Rebate drop-down, the PSB Activity Code and description and distribution are present.  However, for the PST Rebate drop-down, the PSB Activity Code distribution and information is missing.
3.  In Accounts Payable>> Records>> Invoices>> New
4.  Add a new Invoice for the same Vendor.  Enter the required information (invoice number and amount, etc.) and select HST as the tax
5.  Select the GL Distribution tab>> select both the GST Rebate and PST Rebate from the Distribution drop-down menu**
**Note: Both are present based on settings in Configuration



 Canadian Database

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