Before users can be invited to The Financial Edge NXT, they will need to be setup as a user in the database view.  For more information on how to add a user to the database view see: How do I add a new user to Financial Edge or Education Edge and give them group rights? 

To invite a user into the webview:
  1. In the The Financial Edge NXT, navigate to Control Panel > Security
  2. To invite a user click the menu button by their name on the "Users" or "Need invitation" tab
  3. Select Send invitation
  4. Enter the user's email address, click 'Send Invitation'
Note: Accepting the invitation will link their existing Financial Edge username with their email address for The Financial Edge NXT.  Their existing user name and password will stay the same.
  • If you need to have the invitation resent, please reach out to your Supervisor or another user with Supervisor rights to have them resend the invitation. If you are the administrator, follow the steps below:
1.  Log into The Financial Edge NXT
2.  Select Control Panel > Security
3.  Highlight the user and click 'Send another invitation' at the bottom