Unable to Globally Delete Attribute with a Data Type of Constituent Name

When attempting to Globally Delete Constituent Attributes with a Data Type of Constituent Name, users may see the process complete, yet none of the attributes found on the Constituent Record are deleted.
In order to delete Attributes with Constituent Name as the value, there are two options:
  • If you're deleting all the attributes with a certain value, use Globally Change Records, and specify both the Attribute type (ie, Staff Manager in the sample database) and the value (Robert Hernandez in the sample database). Then when the global change runs, it will delete every attribute of that type with a value of the constituent name selected. 
  • If you want to delete every attribute, regardless of the value entered, a Global Delete can be used.
NOTE: Global Delete removes both the attribute from any records where it exists AND from Configuration > Attributes.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into The Raiser's Edge
2. Go to Admin
3. Select Globally Change Records
4. Select Constituent as the type of Change
5. Include the Constituent Query or Records containing the attribute
6. Select Attribute from the list of Available Fields (option without a plus sign beside it)
7. Create a Query of both Exceptions and Changed Records
8. Select Change Now
9. No Records are Changed


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