Accrue Attendance Expense is pulling incorrect attendance balances or an incorrect rate per hour

When running the Accrue Attendance Expenses function in Payroll Processing, the system is pulling incorrect attendance balances or an incorrect rate per hour for a number of employees.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Payroll > Records > Employees > open an example problem employee > Attendance Tab > Select Attendance Records and click the Summary button > Check attendance as of the end date in question --> Attendance accrued through [end date] and attendance credited/used for: As defined above --->  Note that the balance for the attendance type is X number of hours, which is correct
2. Then, select the Compensation/Deductions tab > Note the Regular Hourly paytype is $X per hour ---> This is a different amount from what is coming up in the accrue expenses function
3. In General Ledger > Journal Entry > Open batch that was posted > This was attendance accrued as of the end date > Note that was posted was less than what should have posted based on the employees rate and current attendance balance.
4. In Payroll processing, select the link for Accrue Attendance Expenses to see what the system is pulling  --> Payroll > Payroll Processing > Accrue attendance expenses >  Filter on the employee in question ---> Pre-Accrual Report --> Note Rate per hour shows incorrectly as [less than what his hourly rate is]


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