Users without security rights to Planned Gifts can view them in Query List

Users that are in security groups that do not have access to Planned Gifts will still see Planned Gifts included in the Summary Information section in a Query List. This only occurs in Query List and the user still can't see the Planned Gift records. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Login to Raiser's Edge as a user with supervisor rights
2. Go to Admin > Security and click on new group
3. Create a security group, highlight records and click options, unmark Planned Gifts box at bottom
4. Create a new user and add them as a member of the security group created in step 3
5. Create a new constituent record, go to the gift tab, and click new gift, select gift type Planned Gift, enter date, amount, fund and any other required fields.
6. File > Exit and sign out and log back in as user created in step 4
7. Open up constituent record from step 5 and look for planned gift and verify user cannot see
8. Create a constituent query with criteria Constituent Information > Specific Record equals the record created in step 5
9. Create a query list using query created in step 8
10. Right click, choose columns to display: recent gift and largest gift - restricted user is able to view planned gifts. 



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