Email sent to wrong recipients when using <ask> query in Online Express

When using Online Express to send out mass e-mails, you base this on a query. If you use a query that contains an <ask> operator then you are not prompted for this criteria in Online Express. This causes the wrong recipients to be added to the email list.

For example, query of e-mail number not blank may result in 30,000 constituents.
If <ask> query criteria is then added, this number may be reduced to 1,500 in the query results.
If this query is then used in Email Marketing then the e-mail is sent to 30,000 rather than 1,500 as <ask> query does not prompt for parameters.
Specify all criteria in the query rather than using <ask> operator.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a constituent query using <ask> operator - eg Addresses > Preferred Address> Preferred City <ask>
  2. Save the query and Create new email in Online Express > EMail Marketing
  3. Complete the Design an click on Create new list on the Get ready to send tab.  Select the <ask> query and the number of e-mail addresses does not match the number of records in the query results.
  4. Occurs because when the query is selected, not prompted to supply the <ask> parameter so that criteria is ignored.


 Internet Explorer
 version 11
 Windows 7 (64-bit)
 SQL Server 2008 R2 Express
 Blackbaud Online Express

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