Constiuencies are removed on moving to a new definition

Just above the personal information on a constituent record is a list of constituencies. If a constituent is a donor and they move to a major donor then the donor constituency is removed. The code is still on the record under personal information but it is removed from the first page of the constituent record.  
This is working as designed to reduce the number of constituencies located above the constituents personal information. It is assumed that anyone who is now a major donor had to be a donor previously. Should we need to report on the donor code it is still available on the constituents record. The choice was made to show the most relevant constituencies first and remove redundant ones.  

Steps to Duplicate

Add applicable criteria under constituents > configuration > constituencies for donor constituency criteria.
Add a constituent record and ensure that it meets the donor criteria
Note Donor will be shown above personal information on the constituent record

Add records to move this person to the next constituency code (for example major donor) 
note that major donor is now shown and donor has been removed


 Blackbaud CRM

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