Import everydayhero Event Registration report into Raiser's Edge

The Everydayhero Integration plug-in is used to import donors and their gifts.
This article provides example steps to import Event Registration information into Raiser's Edge.

The Event Registration report is produced via the Everydayhero portal.
At this time the Event Registration file is not imported via the Everydayhero Integration plug-in in the Raiser's Edge, therefore this information should be imported using the Import option in Admin in Raiser's Edge.
The Attached file contains an example of the report produced by Everydayhero, though the fields nay not be the same in every Event Registration file as different options may be enabled on different web pages.. 

The sample file contains an example of the constituent import file and also a gift import file for registration fees. 

  1. Open the Event Registration report in Excel and see the example in the sample data file for suggested fields that should be included to create a constituent import file. You may have other fields you wish to include, in addition to those shown in the example.
    See the Import Guide for more information on Constituent fields when importing.

    Related knowledgebase solutions for a constituent import -
    import constituent name, address, and phone numbers and email addresses, the steps of this item should be used as guide for the constituent import
    import primary addressee and salutation


  1. Then see the example in the sample data file for the suggested fields that should be included to create a gift import file.
    Note that you would include the relevant campaign, fund, appeal and package information based on the information in your Raiser’s Edge that you wish to apply to these gifts .

See How to import gifts for assistance in creating your gift import file and the steps to then import into Raiser’s Edge.
  1. Additional information that you may wish to import –

a) As this file is for event registration then additional import files may have to be created.
For example, if you have the Events optional module then you may wish to import event participants and also import registration fees.

b) If you do not have the Events optional module then you may instead prefer to import constituent attributes or import actions to record the event information.
c) Also, if the Event Registration report includes multiple registrations, where fields such are Order ID, Event Name, Address, e-mail address etc are the same for 2 or more entries on the report, you may wish to import relationships between the primary registrant, the first entry on the report with the "duplicated" Order ID, and their "guests". See How to import reciprocal individual relationships for the steps.

  • The example import file has 2 header rows – the 1st row contains the headers from the Event Registration record and the 2nd row contains the headers for Raiser’s Edge. The Event registration headers should not be included in your import file and are present only for reference.

  • Those with the heading N/A in the EDH field header row are not present in the Event Registration file but the Raiser’s Edge header should be populated when including the field in the import file.
  • At this time the merchandising and additional donation options are not available in everydayhero, therefore this information not included in the example files.

  EDH Event Registration Report.xls

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