Prospect\Prospect Manager\Date added and date changed query output is not updated when changing the dates on a prospect manager assignment

The incorrect date changed appears when trying to query on when the prospect manager field was updated on a prospect record
The field Prospect\Prospect Manager\Date Added and Prospect\Prospect Manager\Date Changed pulls the date the Prospect Manager constituent record was last changed.  To pull the date the prospect manager was changed on a prospect field query on the field Prospect\Prospect Manager\Managed Prospects\Date Added and Prospect\Prospect Manager\Managed Prospects\Date Changed

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Click add a prospect from the prospects functional area
2.  Search for and select a constituent
3.  Search for and select a prospect manager
4.  Start date = 9/1/2015
5.  Plan name = bbtest
6.  Plan type = major giving
7.  Plan start date = today
8.  Click save
9.  Select Query from the analysis functional area
10.  Filter on the constituent record you selected in step 2
11.  Output the following:  Prospect\Prospect Manager\Date changed
12.  Note that the results are correct.
13.  Return to the constituent's prospect record
14.  Click edit prospect manager
15.  Change the start date to today's date
16.  Click save
17.  repeat steps 9-11
18.  Note that the value is not updated


 Blackbaud CRM

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