1. Open https://pingplotter.com
  2. Scroll to the Professional, Standard, and Free Editions section at the bottom of this webpage.
  3. Click on PingPlotter(Free) 
  4. Click the blue Download button
  5. Install it on the workstation that has experienced the issues.
  6. Launch the PingPlotter program.
  7. Select the Pro or Standard version and continue past the 30 day trial notice.
  8. Enter the Server Address for your datacenter into the Target Name field, based on the table below:
Blackbaud Hosting Services Data Centers
DatacenterServer Address
Orange Countylogin1.blackbaudhosting.com
EU (Amsterdam)        login01.blackbaud.net
Blackbaud  SKY environments
LocationServer Address
Blackbaud SKY USs21actx01cns01.eastus2.cloudapp.azure.com
Blackbaud SKY Canada       s23actx01cns01.canadacentral.cloudapp.azure.com
Blackbaud SKY EUs22actx01cns02.westeurope.cloudapp.azure.com
  1. Click the Green Start button and let it PingPlotter run in the background on the computer for at least 24 hours.  Do not log off or shut the computer down or the test results may not be saved.
  2. While PingPlotter runs, document times when a user experiences any unexpected instances of freezing or delays.
    • Note: Your local IT resources can use these noted times to compare with the results captured in your PingPlotter test taken at the same time. 

When you have allowed PingPlotter to run for 24-hours:
  1. Click File > Export Sample Set...
  2. Save the file to your desktop or another known folder location
  3. Share the file with your organization's IT resources to review the results according to the PingPlotter manual
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