Solution 1 - Modify the formula to accommodate fuzzy dates

This occurs when fuzzy dates are in the report. The code below will change Fuzzy Dates to standard Date fields. Two examples are given below:
Date To
if len({CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_From} ) = 7 then date("1/"&{CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_From}) else
if len ({CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_From} ) = 4 then date ("1/1/"&{CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_From} ) else
if {CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_From} ="" then date(1950,12,31) else 
Date ({CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_From})

Date From
if len({CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_To} ) = 7 then date("28/"&{CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_To}) else
if len ({CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_To} ) = 4 then date ("31/12/"&{CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_To} ) else
if {CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_To} ="" then date(2050,12,31) else 
Date ({CnRelSol_1.CnRelSol_1_Date_To})

Solution 2 - Change the date format from fuzzy to standard (if affecting specific records)

  1. Open the affected individual or constituent record
  2. Change the date (for example, birth date) from "month/year" to "month/date/year"