The integration is a one way sync from your "ON" products into Raiser's Edge. To ensure consistency and equalization between the two databases, mapped address fields will update in Raiser's Edge with the most current data entered in the "ON" products. If unexpected changes or a duplicate address is added to Raiser's Edge afetr processing an update in Connect RE check for the following:
  1. The address is matched based on type and it will overwrite the linked address with all individual address fields. Navigate to Core and check the address types (i.e. Home, Home 2 Winter, ect.). Does this match the address type on the same Raiser's Edge record?
  2. Check the mapped data types for questions on what address fields will be affected by the integration.

For constituents, multiple addresses can be included. For non-constituents, only the primary address is included. If the address is not matched (because it is a new address or because fields are missing) we do not remove anything from Raiser's Edge. Instead, we will create a new address and the previous address will be preserved. This could potentially lead to duplicate data in Raiser's Edge.