This list can be created from the List Template called Students with Parents (Flattened), to do this navigate to:

  1. Core > Analysis > Manage Lists > Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  2. Click List Templates
  3. From the Template Category dropdown, choose Constituent Information
  4. Find Students with Parents (Flattened) and click View/Copy to the right
  5. Delete the Parent/Child Relationship [2] and Parent/Child Relationship [3]
  6. Expand the  Parent/Child Relationship and  Parent/Child Relationship [1] rows and delete the User Phone [4] and User Phone [5]
  7. Select the following Objects: 
    • User Detail (Under Constituent Information)
    • User Register (Under Constituent Information)
    • School Level (Under School)
    • Grade Level (Under Platform)
  8. In Display Fields, Select Fields for User Detail.Gender, User Detail.Dob, Grade Level.Grade Level. You can remove any other fields that are unnecessary for your list.
  9. In Filters, Global Filters, add User Register.School Year any of and the year your are looking for, for example 2015-2016
  10. Choose a name and category for this list and click Save.