Spouse Record not kept on Households when merging records

When merging 2 records together that also share a household, the household record is the source record and the target record. Based on the merged configuration, both records in the household should be the source records.
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.  

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Constituents > Add an Individual 
  2. Enter the first and last name (For example, Wife Source) and click Save
  3. Select the Relationships tab > Add Individual 
  4. In the Related Individual field, click the binoculars and click Add
  5. Enter the first and last name (For example, Husband Source) and click Save
  6. Select a value for the relationship types
  7. Mark "this is the spouse relationship for RECORD NAME" and "These Individuals are members of the same household" checkboxes
  8. Repeat the same steps as above to create the target records. (For example- Wife Target and Husband Target)
  9. Select Constituents> Duplicates> Constituent Merge> Merge Configuration 
  10. Set the following for personal/ organization  information:
    • Name to keep: Most complete name
      • Keep name fields from Least Complete Name…
    • Individuals: do Not check Do not merge deceased information…
    • Organization details criteria: Most complete organization details
      • Keep organization details from Least Complete Name…
    • Groups/HHs Primary contact criteria: Target’s primary contact
      •  Include mail preferences
      •  In case of duplicates keep: Target’s mail preference
      • Group details criteria: Group data with the most recent inception date
      • Check keep group details from the Record with the second most...
    • Name to keep: Most complete name
  11. Set the following for Relationships:
    • Check Include Mail Preferences
    • In case of duplicates, keep: Target’s Mail Preference
    • Primary Business Relationship’s Criteria: Source’s Primary Business
    • Spouse Relationship Criteria: Source’s Spouse
    • Parent Organization Criteria: Target’s Parent Organization
  12. Go back to Duplicates and Select Merge two constituents
  13. For Source constituent, select the Wife Source record and for Target constituent select the Wife Target Record
  14. Select the Merge Configuration, mark source constituent inactive, select the inactive reason and then Merge
  15. At the top, notice the Household is Wife Source and Husband Target-It should be Wife Source and Husband Source


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