All School teachers can be given access to see all student report cards in Report Card Builder or just the report cards for students who are enrolled in their academic course. 

To grant teachers to have access to view all student's report cards:
  1. Navigate to Academics > Grading > Report card setup
  2. Select Report Card Builder(Old)
  3. Select the Filters and choose the report card to Edit
  4. In General Information scroll to Access Dates
  5. The date entered in All School Teacher designates when all teachers will have access to all students report cards. If the school does not want all teachers to have this access they can leave this section blank. 
  6. The Teachers section is the area where individual teachers of courses will be given access to view their students report cards 
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In the New Report Card Builder: 
  1. Navigate to Academics > Grades > Report Card Setup
  2. Select the ellipsis bubble next to the report card you'd like to set access for
  3. Select Edit current school year's access
  4. Expand the term to set access for
  5. The All School Teachers section will set access to all report cards to all teachers. The Teachers section will allow Teachers to view the report cards of only their own students
  6. Save

Another way all teachers are able to see all students report cards would be if they were set up in an academic course with all the students in the school. This scenario enables any teacher on the roster of a course to see any student's grades in that course. 

In the instance that a school would like all teachers and students to be enrolled in a course that is not being graded for which attendance is taken, it is recommended to use Activities or Advisories.