To create this list navigate to:
  1. Core > Analysis > Manage Lists
  2. Click the block titled "Manage Basic and Advanced Lists"
  3. Select List Templates
  4. In the Category dropdown select Admission
  5. Click View/Copy next to Candidate Information
  6. In Select Objects, expand Admission
  7. Select Sending School and Transfer/Sending School
  8. Uncheck the Inner Join Box for the Transfer/Sending School
  9. Under the Display Fields tab, delete any items you do not need to display
  10. Click Select Fields...
  11. Expand the Sending School Object and mark School Name Other 
  12. Expand the Transfer/Sending School and mark Transfer School Name
  13. Click Select
  14. Under Filters Add a line by clicking the + under Global Filters
  15. Choose the Candidate.Entering Year and select the year you want
  16. Click Preview
  17. Title your List, and place it in a category if desired
  18. Click Save or Save and Exit
Note: If you want to pull Students vs Candidates, within Select Objects unmark the Inner Join for Candidate. Also within Filters > Global Filters change User Role.Role any of Candidate to any of Student.