If Advanced Security is in use, verify the users account and project settings on their user record:

1. In Administration > Setup System Security, open the users record
2. Check the Account Security tab and the project security tab to see what access they have.
- If they are not able to see certain accounts or projects, this will limit the activity they can see in reports and will affect the amounts they see.
3. Update the user settings if need be
4. Save and close
5. Have the user exit and sign out for changes to take affect

If Advanced Security is not in use, create a new security group with the same rights for the user or a new username.

To create a new Group:

  1. Log in as Supervisor or a user with Supervisor rights
  2. Click Administration on the navigation bar
  3. Click Set up system security>New Group
  4. Enter the Group name
  5. Under Group Privileges, select which modules the users can access
  6. More narrowly define rights within Group Privileges by clicking Options and marking or unmarking options accordingly