If a User graduated prior to the school joining Blackbaud K-12 and the graduation year does not exist in Alumni Affiliation, the school can create the additional graduation years needed and then indicate the User has graduated from the school. This process will add the Alumni role in the User's Role Membership.

To add the Alumni role to a User, the process is broken into two parts.

Create the School Year:
  1. Navigate to Core > Settings > School Information > Years & Terms.
  2. Select the +Add button.
  3. Enter the School Year label. (ie. 1997-1998)
  4. Enter the school year begin date and school year end date.
  5. Select Save.
User-added image

Add Alumni role:
  1. Go to the User's profile under Core Users > Profile > Edit User Profile Data.
  2. Select Student Enrollment from the System Information block.
  3. Select the Enroll in School button > enter an Enroll Date and select the School Year.
  4. User-added image
  5. Deselect the Future Enrollments box.
  6. Select the last Grade Level offered at the school.
  7. Select Save & Exit.
  8. User-added image
  9. Go back into Student Enrollment and click Withdraw button.
  10. User-added image
  11. Select the School Year, mark the Effective Immediately radio button, select the School Year, enter the Depart Date (must be at least one day past the Enroll Date), mark the Alumni radio button.
  12. User-added image
  13. Select Save & Exit.
  14. On the next screen, select Confirm and Ok to finalize.
User will now have the Alumni role.