How do I send sustaining receipts to my donors?

This article describes the proper steps to send sustaining receipt to donors.
First, you should generate the sustaining receipts.  You can find out how to do that in Generate Sustaining Receipts.

Second, you need to create a delivery, which will automatically create an email message for you that includes a link for donor’s to download their receipt.  You can find out how to do that in Send Sustaining Receipts to Donors.

IMPORTANT: Once you have edited your email message and approved it, you should go to the Deliveries tab to set up the delivery.  Doing so ensures that the message will be sent to the intended recipients because it will have the correct targeted audience group.  In general, these are the steps below:
  1. After the message has been edited and approved.
  2. Click the Deliveries tab
  3. Find the message
  4. Click Set Up Delivery.  You should only see one group in the Delivery Details.
  5. Continue the process of sending the email message.

Set up delivery option and Deliveries tab

If you do not follow these steps and proceed with set up delivery from within the email message, you run the risk of sending the email to more than the intended group.  Due to an issue, you will see all of the previous sustaining groups in the target audience.



 Sustaining Receipts, Receipt Manager, Luminate Online

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