After you have created the report in FundWare, open Print Manager to view the name of the report.  For example, the trial balance is called GLTRBAL.L02 for division 02. 

To open the Print Manager:

1.  Click on File. 
2.  Select Print Manager. 

To open the report in Word:

1.  Launch Word from Start, select Programs, select Microsoft Office and select Microsoft Word.  
2.  In Microsoft Word, select File and select Open. 
3.  In the “OPEN” dialog box, change the Files of Type to "All (*.*)" . 
4.  In the “Look In” box at the top of the “OPEN” window, click the down arrow, and find your FundWare\Data folder (or the users reports folder), and select the report to open and double-click it.

To email FundWare ASCII reports:

1.  Copy  the report file out of your Fundware\Data or unique report folder on the server. 
2.  Attach the report file to the email.  
3.  Provide the user with the steps above to open this file with Microsoft Word software.