Is there a way to see who are all logged into Sphere at one time?

As an administrator, sometimes you may want to see who is currently logged into the system or when was the last time someone logged in or out.

Sphere does not allow you  to run a single Activity report for all users

You can only view the history for one Sphere user at a time.

This is done by reviewing the Activity tab located in the Sphere administrators profile record.

To access the Activity tab for a Sphere administrator:

1. Go to: Control > Organization Setup >  Manage Users
2. Click the Login Name of the Administrator you want to view the activity for
3. Click the tab labeled: Activity Log

NOTE: The activity log will show when the person logged in or out of Sphere and when they run reports or export reports. It will not show things records and events they have deleted or changes they made to a supporters contact record. 


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