Error: Post Date must be in a valid fiscal period. (RE Gift ID: #######) - when posting to a closed fiscal period

When posting or running the pre-post report from The Raiser's Edge to a soft-closed fiscal period in Financial Edge, users may receive the following error:

Post Date must be in a valid fiscal period. (RE Gift ID: #######).

Then the batch validation report and exception report are blank. If the post is run, the gifts will be marked as Posted in The Raiser's Edge that have a date after the closed period, but the reports are still blank and a blank batch is created in General Ledger.

We are currently evaluating this issue. In the meantime, please follow these steps: 

  1. Open the soft-closed period and run the post from The Raiser's Edge
  2. Change the dates in the Journal Entry batch if needed
  1. Remove the integration between Raiser's Edge and Financial Edge
  2. Run the post for the gifts posting to the closed fiscal periods
  3. Manually enter gifts in a Journal Entry batch as needed
  4. Restore the integration between Raiser's Edge and Financial Edge

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Raiser's Edge, go to Admin > Post to General Ledger
  2. Validate a pre-post for all gifts through 2014 to see that it is successful
  3. Go to FE > Config > fiscal years, open the 2013 fiscal year
  4. Mark Jan and Feb closed
  5. Back in RE, validate the same pre-post
  6. The error displays: Post Date must be in a valid fiscal period. (RE Gift ID: xxxxx), then Validation Failed
  7. Nothing shows on the validation report or the exception report
  8. Run a gift query for this gift ID; nothing shows
  9. Run the actual post with periods closed. Receive the same error, and same blank reports
  10. Go to General Ledger > Journal Entry and see a batch is created but is blank
NOTE: To find the gift record referenced in the error message search in the query for the System Record ID for the gift not the Gift ID and that will identify the gift. 


 Raiser's Edge
 Patch 9

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