Error: Invalid code table entry - When processing Online Applications in Education Edge

This can occur if changes have been made to the code tables in Education Edge and the Online Admissions Form has not been updated to reflect these changes.  If an entry is deleted from the code tables in Education Edge but is still listed as an option on the Online Admissions Form in Blackbaud Netcommunity, this error may occur.
Preform the following actions to resolve error
  1. Log into Education Edge.
  2. Click on Configuration> Tables.
  3. Locate the code table that is referenced in the error.
    • Note: the exact name of the field may vary slightly from the table name mentioned in the error
  4. Compare the table entries here to the application you are trying to process.
  5. Locate the section of the admissions form you are processing that has the form data from these code tables.
  6. Click Adjusted value and compare it to Form value.  If the Form value section does not match an entry in the adjusted value section it will have to be added back into the code table.
  7. Click on configuration > tables.
  8. Locate the code table from the error and highlight it.
  9. Click New table entry.
  10. Name the new table entry so it has the same name as the Form Value section from the admissions form.
  11. Process the transaction.


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