This error can have several causes and resolutions.  Follow the below steps, in the order listed until the issue is resolved:

1. If entering time cards is not a lengthy process, delete Payroll in-process files (51348).  If entering time cards is time-consuming and cumbersome, go on to step 2 in this solution.

2. Follow the below steps to run the synch employees utility:

    1. Verify you have a current backup of your division.
    2. Have all users sign out of the Payroll module.
    3. Launch Windows Explorer on the FundWare server.
    4. Browse to the FundWare\7.xx\Bin folder.
    5. Double-click PycEmpInqUtil.exe to synch the employees from Classic to Windows.
    6. Enter the appropriate division # and click "Build/Repair.  

3. Perform a Reorg of the ##PYW* files where ## is your division number.