The Blackbaud MobilePay app requires a Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) username, password and security code to access the MobilePay application. Additionally, if a user has removed the MobilePay app or installed MobilePay on a new device, a new security code will be required. This information is created from within your Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal.

Review How to set up a user in the MobilePay app and How to create a device security code.

If the username, password and security code have already been established, ensure the MobilePay account is not locked out by completing the following:
1. Log into the BBMS Web Portal as a user with Administrative rights
2. From Account Management select Users
3. Locate the specific User and review the "Locked out" column
4. If "Yes" in the locked column, click the ellipses next to the account and select Unlock. Then allow the user to log into the MobilePay app once more.
5. If "No" in the locked column, have the user attempt to log into MobilePay once more ensuring all characters and case sensitive formatting of the password is correct.

Here are additional MobilePay set up guides and resources: