Connector: Unable to link Sphere tributes to existing constituent records in The Raisers Edge

When trying to link a tribute to an existing constituent record in the Raiser's Edge, you are unable to click the "OK" button to complete the link.

You can search for the constituent in the RE database but after selecting the record, the OK button is grayed out and cannot be clicked.
  1. In the Rasier's Edge, go to: Config > Fields > Honor/Memorial 
    1. See Screen shot
  2. Make sure that Tribute Type has Required and Lookup checked and the rest of the checkboxes are blank. 
  3. Try to link the tribute to the constituent.

Steps to Duplicate

On the donation record that contains the tribute information in the connector:

  1. Click "Find Tribute"
  2. The "Link Tribute Information" screen will open
    1. Tribute Information from Transaction: This is the information as it was entered by the supporter
    2. Linked Tribute Information: This is where you would search for a constituent from your current RE database
  3. Click the Black binoculars, to the left of the "Honor/Memorial" field to search the existing constituent database
  4. Enter the search criteria and click "Find Now"
  5. All matching records will show in the window at the top of the screen.
  6. Double click on the record that should be linked as the Honoree/Tributee
  7. The Name will be loaded into the Honor/Memorial field of the "Linked Tribute Information" section
    1. You will only be able to select the "Tribute" if there was a tribute of another type entered previously for this record"
  8. You are unable to click "OK" at the bottom of the page.



 Blackbaud Sphere

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