Verify that the Crystal report is linked to the same MDB file that the Export is saving data to:
  1. Open the Export in the Blackbaud application
  2. Click Export Now
  3. Verify that the data is saving to the correct MDB file in the correct folder and click Save
  4. Click Save and Close on the export
  5. Open the report in the Crystal Reports application
  6. Go to Database > Set Location
  7. Click Set Location
  8. Expand on Database Files
  9. Double-click on Find Database File
  10. Browse for the MDB file created in step 3 and open it
  11. Click Set
  12. Click Yes to the message that appears
  13. Click Done
  14. Click Yes to the any messages that appear
  15. Refresh the report and verify that the correct data displays
  16. Save the report changes and close out of the Crystal Reports application
  17. Preview the Custom Report in the Blackbaud application and verify that the correct data displays