Campaign, Funds, and Appeals missing from recent Gift List Dashboard and Overdue Gifts List Dashboard

When including a campaign, fund, or appeal query in a Recent Gifts List Dashboard, the campaigns, funds, or appeals do not display:
  • Campaign does not display when using a campaign query
  • Fund does not display when using a fund query
  • Appeal does not display when using an appeal query
There are several ways to display the missing information on the dashboards:
  • Manually select the campaigns/funds/appeals on the dashboard
  • Create a gift query with the desired campaigns/funds/appeals filters. Include it under Gifts to Include in the dashboard.
  • Use a Query Dashboard Panel, specifying the filters in the query's criteria and the display columns in its output. The type of query you use will link to its appropriate record type, so use a gift query if you want to click through to gift records.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a new Recent List Gift Dashboard. Make sure to show the Fund column in the dashboard
  2. Go to include Funds
  3. Chose to include a query of funds
  4. Run the dashboard. You will not see any funds displayed
  5. Go back and edit the dashboard and include the same funds you included in the query, but manually select them. If you run the dashboard again, the funds are displayed


 Raiser's Edge
 Raiser's Edge 7.93 patch 4, 7.92 patch 10, 7.85 patch 2, and 7.83 patch 4

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