Why are failed auto-process transactions appearing in my query?

When trying to isolate auto-process transactions that were successfully processed, failed transactions are being brought in as well.  When an auto-process transaction fails, it first creates a Payment/Recurring Gift first.  Then it creates a disbursement entry to show that it failed.  These initial transactions are being pulled in when they should not be.
This was resolved in the 7.18.0 release on 11/22/2015.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click the Queries button on the menu bar
  2. Select a category that you want to store this query in (Ex: Base)
  3. Click New Query under the Tasks menu
  4. Name the query Successful Auto-Process Transactions
  5. For Starting Criteria, choose Category: Base  Query: All Constituents- A
  6. Set the Data Return Type to Journal Entries
  7. Select All of My Criteria under MATCH
  8. Select Journal from the Available Fields drop down box
  9. Select Transaction Auto Process Status from the list of links
  10. Select the Succeeded value
  11. Click Save And – Preview
  12. Check each result
  13. Notice that some may say they have an Offsetting Transaction above the Date field (have to be in the transaction entry).  This is an indication that the transaction actually failed to process and was not successful

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