Once the RE Mobile Event Management App has been installed the iPad and the Blackbaud Web Services have been installed,follow these steps to enable the use of the MobilePay device within the RE Event App.

NOTE: MobilePay is not currently available to Blackbaud Europe or Blackbaud Pacific customers. This article will be updated should this change.

NOTE: These steps will need to be completed for each installation of the app:

In Blackbaud Merchant services:

  1. Log into BBMS Web Portal at https://bbms.blackbaud.com
  2. Click Account Management > Mobile Devices
  3. Click the +
  4. Enter a Name for the device. We recommend to reference 'DeviceName_RE' to ensure that this is different than the security code for MobilePay
  5. Click Save
In the RE Event App:
  1. Log into the Event app on the iPad
  2. Tap Configuration on the top right side
  3. Tap to enable BBMS
  4. Enter BBMS Username, Password, and new Security code
When you go to charge a transaction in the RE Event App it will prompt you to swipe the card through MobilePay or enter the credit card information. From that point, once the transaction is charged it will automatically be sent to a Raiser's Edge gift batch to later be committed.