Recognition Summary for household summary is incorrect

V4.0 Recognition Summary for household summary is showing incorrect amount even if the filter is applied
Download and install the latest service pack, which contains all fixes from previous service packs. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

These steps need to be replicated in both V3 and 4 as a comparison

Steps to duplicate:
1.       Add a Recognition credit pledge of $75,000 credit constituent A
2.       Add recognition credit pledge $75,000 credit to constituent B (spouse)
3.       Add recognition credit payment $25,000  constituent A donor
4.       Then added recognition credit payment $25,000  constituent B (spouse)
5.       Under revenue > configuration > reporting filters > recognition filters > edit total recognition
6.       Check Include recognition for pledge payments only if the constituent did not receive recognition for the associated pledge
7.       On the household record in V4 notice the recognition summary is incorrect. Compare this to V3 with the same data and notice differing results.



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