Acknowledgement and Notification emails are not sending for Event Registrations

After submitting an Event Registration form for a Paid Registration and being redirected to the Confirmation page, there are no Acknowledgement or Notification emails generated/sent to the Participant/Organization.
This can occur when you place Transaction node merge fields inside Event Loop Begin/End merge fields.  This creates a logical problem because the Transaction node fields are not meant for inclusion inside Event Loop Begin/End fields.  To address this issue, re-structure the merge field configuration so that Transaction node fields are not encapsulated inside Event Loop Begin/End fields. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Access the Event Registration form in BBIS
  2. Select a Registration price (not a free option, but one with a fee), click Next
  3. Fill out the required Attendees form, click Next
  4. Fill out Billing and Payment Information, click Register
  5. Note once the transaction is processed the form is redirected to the Confirmation page as expected, but no Acknowledgement/Notification is sent


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