This access to the data is only limited to those that have a relation to the student, Parent, Student or Advisor.

If you have managers or heads of school that would like access to this data while browsing the directory, we suggest creating an Advisory group with all the students in it and keeping the access limited to only the advisors of the group.  This way the Staff member that needs access will be able to see those assignment grades on the student's progress tab as long as the Grade Access is set to allow Advisors access. Depending on which options are set in Group Page Access, Advisors may see just the information of the students in their own advisory, or they may see student information of students in all advisories.

To edit the Group Page Access for Advisors, navigate to:

1. Core>Security>Group Page Access
2. Select the Advisories tab.
3. Select page access either by School Level or by Individual Advisory. Individual Advisory settings will override the School Level settings.
4. Select a School Year and School Level.
5. Click Add Access to add an access type, or click on the 'x' icon next to an access type to remove it.
6. It's also possible to adjust the Start Date of the access, as well as granular access to one or more of: Bulletin Board, Topics, and Roster.