Constituent Lifetime Giving smart field returns zero results

When creating Constituent Lifetime Giving smart fields, it is possible to select particular Sites for the Smart Field to consider.  It is also possible to leave the Sites fields blank on the Parameters tab to process all records regardless of Site.  When including Sites on the Parameters tab, a user may notice that zero records are processed when running the Smart Field process  
The Site included on a Constituent Lifetime Giving smart field  parameters tab is checking to see what Constituents have those sites assigned and also only including those constituents' transactions that have a Designation associated with that Site.  Only Constituents with the Site specified on the smart field will be processed and only their transactions that have Designations associated with that Site will be included in the total.  If the Smart Field is run with no Sites included on the Parameters tab, all constituents and transactions will be included.  

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Select Smart Fields from the Administration functional area
2.  Click add
3.  Select and click ok
4.  Select the parameters tab
5.  Add the requisite sites
6.  Click save
7.  Process the smart field


 Blackbaud CRM

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