Follow these steps. If a directory part already exists, skip Steps 1, and 6-9. The part may need to be modified to ​display all necessary information, which the other steps walk you through.
  1. Navigate to Site explorer > Parts > New part > Directory (Education Edge).
  2. Define the search fields as First Name, Last Name.
  3. Define the list fields as needed (Name, Address, Primary Business, Etc.)
  4. Choose All Individuals.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Navigate to Site explorer > Pages & templates > New page.
  7. Choose any template, and name appropriately
  8. Add the new directory to this page.
  9. View the page.
  10. Search the directory and view results.
  11. Search for an individual with known private fields, and verify that some fields do not appear.
  12. This part can now be used to cross-check any information exported from The Education Edge