How to add countries to billing drop down for Online Express forms

We want to accept transactions from other countries, but we don't see them in the billing section of the Online Express form. How can we add countries?
In Raiser's Edge
  1. Click Config > International 
  2. Either click "New Country" to create a new country or double-click on the country you want to edit
  3. Make sure the correct address format and address block settings are listed as well as the correct currency type for the country
  4. Click Save and Close
  5. Navigate to the Online Express Module in RE
​In Online Express
  1. Select Account > Integration Options > General
  2. Mark the boxes next to the countries you added in Config > International
  3. Click OK
  4. The country should now appear in the billing section as an option in the Online Express form with correct billing fields


 Raiser's Edge

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