Which combination you may use will typically depend on two primary factors:

  • Do you use pre-printed check stock or blank check stock?
  • Can you re-use any of the same check number(s) or do you need to use new check number(s) for some or all of the checks?

How to start making corrections:
: Additional scenarios with videos are included near the bottom.

A) Void check numbers and use new numbers:

  • When some or all of the physical checks are no longer good and you need to start with the next good check number
  • When you use pre-printed check stock and you can no longer use certain numbers

B) Void, *purge, reset the starting check number and use the same numbers:

  • When you can re-use all or certain check numbers in the range
  • When you normally use pre-printed stock but accidentally print checks to blank paper, and the physical checks are good
  • When your checks did not print at all, and you can re-use all check numbers
  • When you print to blank check stock and you can re-use the same check numbers again

*Note: Purging a check number from the bank register clears the number out of the register and allows you to re-use that number again

*Note: Before you can purge a check, it must first be voided (and reversing entries to the General Ledger must be posted if the check was posted to the General Ledger before being voided)

C) Renumber the existing checks currently in the bank register to a different range

  • When the physical checks are correct and can be mailed out, but the check numbers in The Financial Edge do not currently match the physical checks that printed

Check processing procedures:

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