To add a User via the Dashboard navigate to:
  1. Resources
  2. School Portal/Blog in the Portals tile
  3. Click Settings on the Blog Name
  4. From here you have the option to add a Single User or a Group of Users from a Roster

When you add users to SchoolPress/Wordpress and not via the Portal in our software this will generate the incorrect user info and will not allow the user to SSO into SchoolPress.

To fix this you will need to adjust the Users info in SchoolPress, navigate to the Blog Portal as a Admin:
  1. Click on the Blog Name that we need to make a adjustment to
  2. Wordpress 
  3. Click the W icon for Wordpress in the top left hand corner
  4. Click Users
  5. Click edit on the User that we needed to adjust
  6. At the bottom there is something called Podium IDUser-added image
  7. Enter the USER ID from the User in Core (this is the WH User ID)
  8. Click Update User