1.  Click on the page that has the calendar part on it
  2.  Click List View 
  3.  Select  Date Range and enter Begin and end dates for the export
  4.  Click Go 
  5.  Click Export as iCalendar 
  6.  Open the iCalendar in outlook
  7.  Click File > Options, in Outlook
  8.  Click Advanced
  9.  Select Export > Export to a file
  10.  Select Comma Separated Values
  11.  Select the outlook Data file for the calendar 
  12.  Click Next
  13.  Click Browse and select the location for your document
  14.  Click Next
  15.  Click Finish 
  16.  Select the date range for your export 
  17.  Click OK
  18.  Open Excel
  19.  Click Open and select all files
  20.  Open the CSV document into Excel