How to find first and last gift dates

In Altru you may need to create a query that displays the first and last revenue dates for a constituent. We can accomplish this task by creating Constituent revenue dates smart fields
Create a Constituent Revenue Application Dates Smart Field
  1. Click Administration > Smart fields
  2. Click Add
  3. In the revenue section select Constituent Revenue Application Dates
  4. Give the smart field a name, Click on the parameters tab
  5. Change the value to return to First Application Date or Latest Application Date
  6. Select the revenue types that you want to process in the smart field
  7. In the Transaction Type/Application Section choose the transaction/application types you would like to consider
  8. If you would like to filter on the first or latest gifts given during a specific timeframe, enter the start date and end dates
  9. Click Save
  10. On the smart fields page find and click on your smart field
  11. Click start process
  12. You may also want to consider adding a Job Schedule so that your smart field is always up to date. 
Add Smart Field Value to your query:
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library
  2. Click Add a new ad-hoc query with a record type of Constituents.
  3. In Browse for fields in, click the Smart Fields folder
  4. In the middle column, double click your smart field
  5. In the middle column, drag Value to Results fields to display.


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