Error: The assigned constituents must all be volunteers - when assigning volunteer to group sale

When trying to manually add a volunteer on a group sale users may receive the following error:

The assigned constituents must all be volunteers.

This error may show even though the constituent has the volunteer type. 
This was resolved in the latest release of Altru. 


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Select Sales> Group Sales.
  2. Select search reservations under tasks in the top left.
  3. Search for a specific reservation.
  4. Under the staffing section expand Teacher.
  5. Select Assign.
  6. Note a volunteer that you know has the Teacher type is not listed under potential volunteers. 
  7. Select search for a volunteer and search for that record.
  8. Select save.
  9. Note: Error: The assigned constituents must all be volunteers.
  10. Select OK and then cancel.
  11. Search for that constituent and open his record.
  12. Select the volunteer tab.
  13. Note he has volunteer type Teacher. 
  14. Select the Availability tab.
  15. Note under Additional Information there is a message "The section could not be loaded. The record specified does not exist for this data form.".
  16. Select Edit and receive Error: Cannot read property 'formSessionId' of undefined.


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