Formatting of constituent documentation text incorrect when copying from Word into Chrome

When copying text from Word with bullets into CRM using Chrome, the text is converted to "if !supportLists]-->·  endif]-->".

Copy and paste into Notepad first, then copy/paste the text from Notepad into Blackbaud CRM

Another workaround that seems to work is to paste into the html editor, then hit Ctrl+A and Ctrl+X to select all text and cut the text, then repaste the cut text back into the editor.  This removes the extra xml tags from the text.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create text in Word that contains bullet points
  2. Select a constituent 
  3. Select the Documentation and Interactions tab
  4. Select Constituent Documentation
  5. Select Add Note
  6. Copy and Paste the text from Word
  7. Save the Note
  8. Open it up again-see additional text


 Blackbaud CRM

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