Unable to edit what columns are displayed in a journal entry in FENXT

When inside of a journal entry in The Financial Edge NXT, we are unable to edit the columns we see. In Database View, we can go to a journal entry and right click to choose the columns option and add or remove columns as needed.
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Steps to Duplicate

1. In Database View, Go to General Ledger, Journal Entry and Click new regular batch.
2. Right click in the rows of the blank journal entry and choose the option for Columns.
3. In the new window add or remove columns as needed, then click OK.
4. Then sign into The Financial Edge NXT. Go to General Ledger, Journal Entry.
5. Start a new journal entry. 
6. Now try to right click and see there is no option for columns. Also notice there is no button to allow this, and the help does not speak about changing the columns in NXT view.



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