The IRS 990 Default Selection and Assignment has two purposes:
  • To help fill in the blank values on posted and unposted applications
  • To set the system options

When certain fields are blank on applications, the records will not be selected by the 990 reporting and thus will understate the results for the 990 grantee schedule.  Running this tool will allow you to select the typical choices for your organization and fill in the blanks.  Existing values will not be overwritten.  Thus, if you have already change a default value of check to EFT, this value will not be changed back to check when the tool is run.

Additionally, if you have not already set the system defaults, the tool will allow you to do that at the same time.

If the options are already set, the option to set them is not available.  In the screenshot below, the options on the right are gray since the defaults already exist: