Donor list smart query doesn't display payments against pledges made by other constituents

When viewing the Donor list smart query for a designation, if the pledge is paid by a third party the displayed "Total received" is not accurate
These smart queries have always worked in this manner and modifying this to contain payments towards pledges may throw off other organizations reporting.  The solution to pull these specific payments is to create a separate query or report that fits specific needs.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Select add a pledge from the Revenue functional area
2.  Search for and select a constituent record
3.  Amount = 100
4.  Designation = Building fund
5.  Click save
6.  Click add a payment
7.  Clear out the constituent record and search for any other constituent record
8.  Amount = 100
9.  Click save
10.  Select designation search from the Fundraising functional area
11.  Search for and select building fund
12.  Select the donor list
13.  Designation = building fund
14.  Note in the results that the constituent and pledge are listed but the payment isn't listed, nor is the constituent that made the payment.  That payment is lost from this list.


 Blackbaud CRM

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